Our Services

Smart Technology

Today, many homeowners are looking to make smart home upgrades to boost their home’s reselling value. Or perhaps they simply want to create a smart home system that suits their lifestyle. Dave is adept at upgrading a wired-home into a smart ecosystem. Whether you want to boost the IQ of your TV, thermostat, lighting, or wall switches - Dave understands how to integrate the latest devices into your smarter homestead.

Not ready to go “all in” on automation? That’s fine. Perhaps you are just looking for assistance in setting up your smart TV or smart Blu Ray player. Ask Dave today!


Whether you seek to fortify your defenses online or offline, Dave can help.

  • Online Security Services: Between December 2015 - 2016, 51% of US adults have suffered from a cyber attack. The statistics are scary enough to spring the next Hollywood horror flick. When it comes to cybercrimes, the best approach is a proactive one. Whether you want to take every precaution in protecting your data and identity or if you’ve been cyber attacked and need quick-action, call on Dave. Removing malware, adware, viruses, installing anti-virus software, and even run-of-the-mill computer cleanup (removing unwanted browser toolbars and other annoyances) are just an email or phone call away.

  • Video Monitoring: Although Dave doesn’t sell any products, if you’re looking for the best wired/wireless cameras for purchase, Dave can guide you towards the most suitable options depending on your needs. If you have a camera that requires installation or need help troubleshooting configuration, reach out to Dave. IP networked cameras, PTZ cameras, and multi-channel DVR with remote monitoring are all in Dave’s wheelhouse.

From hook-up to clean-up, put yourself in Dave’s technical hands and rest assured your small business is secure and your family’s home and privacy are safe.


Do Wi-Fi connections, routers, LAN ports, printers, scanners, switches, and modems have you nostalgic for the days of rotary telephones? Don’t abandon the current century we’re in just yet: Dave can whip all manner of networks and devices in line so they are connected and operating properly. When you experience a networking nightmare, don’t waste your entire afternoon pouring through manuals and learning networking on the fly. You have better things to do. Dave will problem-shoot and provide solutions to your networking issues faster than you can say “Ethernet-ready.”


The tech industry is moving at a fast clip, regardless of how old you were when you first heard the sing-song phrase “you’ve got mail!” Dave delivers reasonable door-to-door services for those who need any manner of computer or tech help within the local community. Seniors are also invited to call on Dave’s gentle and easy-going manner for local and remote technology support. While technology is often challenging, there is no doubt its capabilities bring families and friends closer together. If you have a computer or other digital device, it’s important to get the most out of it! Here is an overview of Dave’s offerings:

  • Setting up a new computer or device.
  • Updating or upgrading an operating system.
  • Email set-up, log-in, or customizing your inbox.
  • Syncing between digital devices (smartphones, eBook readers, music players, printers or scanners).
  • Installing or logging into third party apps and programs, such as: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Facebook, and Skype.
  • Remote desktop assistance.
  • Online back-up for important files and documents or priceless photos videos.
  • Tutorial on safe online browsing practices and intro to antivirus software.
  • Troubleshooting general technology problems.
  • Identity protection.

Don’t see your issue listed here? Reach out to Dave regardless. There is nothing Dave enjoys more than addressing a question or tech problem head-on and figuring out the optimal solution. Dave never feels that any question is silly, and welcomes as many as you have. No tech subject is too uninteresting or small - he will chat tech as long as you’re willing to listen.

Personal Shopping

Dave is in a unique position in that he doesn’t sell any products. His priority is providing stellar service. If you are stuck deciding between PC or Mac, if you are curious whether a Smart TV is right for you, or if you have any other tech purchases you’d like to deliberate, Dave will lend his ear and expertise. He will find the absolute best purchase based on your price point and needs. If you are just looking for a shopping buddy, Dave will join you at the store for tech support - he loves to shop and talk tech!

Mac and PC

Whether you value Mac over PC, the other way around, or are still undecided - Dave does not discriminate. There are advantages and disadvantages to every device you purchase, it all comes down to what you want to accomplish. Dave is an expert with consumer PCs, having worked with PCs since DOS (the “D” stands for dinosaurs). He understands the PCs inner workings and quirks. He’s also profoundly familiar with Mac and ready to tackle requests, including: installing and upgrading OSX and applications and upgrading or replacing internal components of the desktop computer.

Everything Else Tech

Dave’s services also include low voltage wiring installation and repair, and configuring consumer electronics, including: Sonos, Smart TVs, Smart Blu Ray players, Video Game Consoles, and Soundbars.